Where The Wild Things Are

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You sit on the bow of the ferry, looking for the shore as you tensely listen for the battle cry of your foe…

You are a band of adventurers, caught up in war that isn’t really your problem. However, your employer has promised riches if you succeed. Of course, that’s if you make it out alive. Plus, the women are beautiful and the ale is plentiful. Geronimo!
Things you need to know-
- You are currently in the middle of Lake Farenziah, near Cunitatus.
- Your employer is the Duke of Cunitatus, the nobleman Percival Farenziah the Third.
- Terra Smaragdus has become increasingly overrun by the Wilderness
- You have been sent to eradicate some threatening foes amassing on the other side of the lake, in the Wilderness. Your intelligence tells you this is a small threat, but be wary.


mcthinker777 mcthinker777

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